Tackle the e-waste problem with 7479c: The app that rewards consumers for their sustainable lifestyle and builds a marketplace for the electronic industry. Backed by SDGs.


Our world is going through a major shift.

The shift affects how we buy, sell and manufacture goods. It also changes the way we think about waste.

*Surveys by KPMG & IBM 2020

One of our biggest waste problems is electronic waste (e-waste). In 2019 we produced 53.6 M metric tons. Less than 20% were recycled, but the entire value of it is equal to approx. 57 billion USD.

e-waste is shipped from high- to low-income countries where it is managed by the informal sector

0,3% of global energy-related emissions were caused by discarded fridges and air-conditioners

waste management handled by informal sector damages people, environment & infrastructure (clean water)

technologies to recycle e-waste are already developed, but old devices are resold and not recycled

mining new raw materials is expansive, dangerous and accelerates global warming

Electronic devices hibernate in households and build a barrier to circular stock


What do we need to tackle the challenges? We need a tool that enables direct communication between consumers and businesses and ...

motivates people to do more sustainable actions, including caring for recycling

traces raw materials through recycling processes to bring transparency to supply chains (= Provenance)

simplifies the availability and access to raw materials as a marketplace

We present our app, that ...

1. motivates consumers to do more eco activity through rewards

2. enables consumers to be informed about regulations and sustainable products

3. brings provenance, transparency and sustainability to supply chains

4. simplifies the accessibility and availability of raw materials for suppliers

The app will be available soon.