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We produced 53,6 Million Tons electronic waste in 2019. Less than 20% of it was professionally recycled.

Consumers don’t bring their devices to recycling yards; they are unaware of the value of recycled raw materials


Companies don’t care about their electronic waste in any meaningful manner


Resold and donated office electronics end up in makeshift waste dumps

Rare earth and precious metals are increasingly scarce; 80% of it is coming from China


Rare earth mining 
is expensive, dangerous, and accelerates global warming


Circular economy is
developing far slower than the demand for technological progress

Companies are avoiding the issues through Greenwashing


A lot of e-waste ends up in makeshift waste dumps where it poisons humans and the environment


Rather than recycling, companies ship their refuse to Global South, an ethically questionable practice

What Customers Want

Most people think actions (like donating, recycling or buying ethically) can make a real difference in the world!

Survey of 1004 respondents in the USA and UK. November 2018 for Futerra by OnePulse

51 %

„Yes, they make a big difference“

45 %

„Maybe, they make some difference“

4 %

„No, they don’t make much difference“


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We introduce 7479C: Helping people and businesses to buy ethically, empower recycling, all while building impact through donations.

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