Buy smart. Help protect our planet.

Join the future of ethical shopping and trace your e-waste.

Take the next step of ethical consumerism.

When we buy products, we rarely look at the waste our product creates. But waste is valuable, but waste is valuable – both when it is avoided during production and when it is recycled. Knowing about the manufacturing and recycling process of electronic devices, enables you to buy more sustainable devices. That is why we created 7479c – the app, that supports you to trace your waste.

We produced 53,6 M tons of e-waste in 2019

Global warming on land raised +1,7 ° Celsius between 2015-2019

The consumer goods industry produced 60% of global GHG emissions

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The following steps will be available soon, after you bought a device with our seal:

Buying a product while making positive impact has never been easier.

Download the app

Scan your device

Access the information:

Characteristics of contained raw materials

Find information about components, composition and origin of the raw materials

Information about manufacturing

Who made your laptop? Access details and stories about the manufacturing process

List of eco labels

Access the details about labels for protecting the environment, save energy, and fair labour conditions

Trace the delivery process

Ever wondered which service is more eco friendly – DHL or Hermes? We will tell you

Warranties and instructions

Get the best from your device

Bring your old device to the recycling yard

Get your reward:

a token from blockchain

Trace the next steps until your device is recycled

Follow the stories about reselling and recycling

Access the stories how we build impact through donations

For each laptop that reaches the recycling yard, we donate

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Experience the difference: You helped the planet!

The impact* you achieve

* One ton of e-waste from computers and laptops contains:

140 kilogramm copper

70 gramm silver

30 gramm gold

You help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN*

* Find out more details on the webpage of th UN: https://sdgs.un.org/goals

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